Alla Pashkova

Alla Pashkova was born in Latvia, where she started her music education in Latvian Music School, piano class and then continued her studies in Latvian College of Music obtaining Higher Diploma in choir conducting and music teaching.

In 2004 she graduated from Riga’s Jazeps Vitols State Academy of Music with Bachelor of Art Degree in Music Pedagogy and children choir conducting. Later on her studies area was focused on Educational Leadership whereas she has been awarded Master of Arts, European University, Cyprus in 2010.

During her studies she performed widely as a choir singer and conductor assistant with youth choirs, which toured all over Europe participating in many festivals and winning international choir competitions.

In 2000 she began her active pedagogical career in Riga’s Children Recreation Center, teaching classroom music as well as being Children Choir “Accolada” conductor. Alla currently lives and teaches in Cyprus where she continues her professional path working with local choirs and vocal ensembles and taking active participation in Cyprus cultural and music events.

From 2008 Alla overtook the direction of children Choir “Elisso Kids Choir” with major purpose developing a dynamic and creative music opportunities for young children, providing vocal training and general music appreciation.

The choir participates in various thematic projects and organises regular concerts such as Christmas concerts, participation in the theatrical plays, charitable concerts studio records and CD presentations.

The Choir’s repertoire includes a wide spectrum from the children's Nursery Rhymes, canons and rounds extracts from musicals as well as jazz music and well known classic pieces.

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